When you go to Hoorn you already know you will later go and see Alkmaar. That place is well known for their once-a-week cheese market in mid-town. We went there for a first impression on a Sunday, as usual. We arrived early, before the real started there to get into swing. There are so many lovely sites, it is simply amazing. We did have the luxury of a travel guide, as usual something was left home. The benefit is that you really depend on yourself. You will have to look more closely and it takes some more time to go through the streets and look around. Trust me, there is more to see than you could probably imagine. 

One of the best sites, I know about is the best attractions of Alkmaar, available in several lingos. 

Town Hall on the left and the Groote Kerk in the background

Kaasmarkt Alkmaar / Waagplein

Alkmaar Images Slide

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