Hi folks, another trip to Holland. On Saturday late after we did not exactly to do with the up-coming Sunday and considered, little wonder, to go somewhere in Holland. Weather was promising, at least according to the BBC weather forecast, so we packed our bags, and early on Sunday morning we went off to Amsterdam.

We parked the car somewhere near the Centraal Station (main station) packed our stuff on a trolley and got on our walk-about round the old city centre. It is worthwhile and, a must go and must see when the weather is good. And guess what, probably everyone else did the same, the city was simply packed to the rafters, so to speak.


We all think of canals (Grachten) when we think of Dutch cities and towns, and that is, of course, quite an attraction, as you can see on the left. It appears that in Amsterdam almost everyone has a boot and spends the free time on the water. Still the streets were full of people as were the pubs, brasseries, cafes and all the places people would like to go to on a Sunday.

Certainly not bad for a Sunday day trip to Amsterdam and, promise, we will be back to Amsterdam soon.

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