City of Brugge in Flanders

Brugge in Flanders / Belgium is a lovely spot which should have been visited at least once in a lifetime. The old city centre is very much full of history and the visitor can sample much of the old times which are manifested in great architecture. 

To the visitor the city centre comes across as very historic and still you are in a modern city with modern people. The city centre shows how the old buildings stand beside modern newly constructed buildings in harmony.

Wandering about in Brugge is really an experience and you really need to go there to get a good feeling for the city.

Yes, the centre is full of tourists but the tourists, especially around the main church and, of course, on the market place. But who cares? Brugge is a pulsating place driven by its own people. 

Below you will find some images showing parts of the Grand Market, which is full of restaurants and bistros / brasseries and chippies to have a meal and a drink.

The city is so interesting that many people go there to see it. Tourists wander through the city and can book yourself a boot tour on the city's canals, which is quite an experience, good weather provided. The boat trips show the city from a different perspective. The Tarifs are reasonable and can be seen at the ticket desks. There are a couple of operators but they all have the same rates. So don't worry

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