A visit to Gent

Late in January 2018 we made an impromptu visit to the Belgium city of Gent. Unfortunately, the weather was not as could have been hoped for. We had a very cloudy day and only a bit of blue sky inbetween. Anyway when you are somewhere to walk about and see for yourself what the place has on offer. As for Gent, there is  plenty to see. 

We went there on a Sunday afternoon and because of the really cold weather there were not much people walking around, though the pubs and coffeehouses enjoyed plenty of guests. 

As we had not too much time we only spent there under two hours. A selection of the images we made are shown below.

The image on the left was made while standing on the grand market place and you are looking at the old town hall with its Belfried (tower). It is said the city wanted to show how rich they are and wanted to exceed the hight of the Brugge Belfried which, quite obviously, was a success.

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