Le Mont Saint-Michel - The Monastery IV

After you have spent quite some time in the church, eventually you will move on. They let you leave the church through a door on the side that leads you directly to the cloister of the monastery. On the left you can the part you will first enter. One can still imagine the monks wandering around in the cloister, saying their prayers. Though, nowadays there are more people around taking pics with their mobile phones, leaving out the prayer bit instead. Anyway this is a nice part of the entire site and it is a very lovely place too. 

This is a view of the cloister courtyard and you see part of the monastery in the background. As I have already written this is a solid building structure built for eternity. That view is simply fascinating, to say the least


The following images show more of the cloister.

The apparent austerity is at times disrupted by some ornaments, as you can see on the buildings which were taken in the cloister. It shows that the builders still put something into the building that would enjoy the people walking about the monastery.

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