Le Mont Saint-Michel - The Monastery III

The abbey church is accessible through an old wooden door. You step into another world. This world is silent and you are awestruck the moment you set your foot into the nave of the church. The image on the left shows the view you have after entering the church. As previously reported, you are not allowed the use of a tripod. Though, while doing something about the ISO you might be able to take quite a good shot or two of the church. There are moments when there is no-one in the church and that is wonderful, because you are alone with your thoughts and I have seen people in there who, quite obviously, were very close to meditating. 

The church is still of Roman style. And below you can see some more pics of the nave and the roof construction. I would have loved to do some more pics about the architecture but for that a tripod is essential. 

The altar is rather plain and shows no ornaments at all, no pomp at all. So, the altar can really serve its purpose without distracting worshippers.

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